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Dear all friends and stakeholders in sports. The message of the President on New Year, that
focuses on this year as a year of reckoning. Therefore this applies even to us in the sports
industry. A need for us sports administrators to move away from the traditional box by adopting
new business approach to our sports industry, is a necessity in the 20th century in which we live.

Dear colleagues and friends let me encourage all sports loving Namibians and sister sports
administrators serving in our Republic in the sports industry to dedicate ourselves to uplift the
standard of sports for this year 2018. Namibia has talent, let us go out, in regions, constituencies
and dig out Unpolished Sports diamonds and provide opportunities to these young and energetic
youth to participate and be able to compete by representing our country in major
international events.

Namibia Sports Commission is here to support all our affiliates by providing necessary regulatory
frame work to ensure that proper governance is adhered to by all our affiliates and all sports
man and women in this country.

Be informed, this year major Political International Games are on our calendar, meaning a very
busy year of sports. Namibia needs to be ready by sending sports ambassadors to these games
who can compete with the best the world can offer.

To our athletes, we have great respect and trust in your abilities, we therefore request all of you
to prepare well and compete with honour and dignity as you represent the land of the brave in
whatever sports code you are involved in.

Finally, may I wish all the people in sports a productive year of sports. Let us make this industry a
priority now and tomorrow.

Thank you.

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